Let's discover together the detail of the authentic Fully Fashioned Seamed Nylon Stockings Libération 45 Denier on a, of course, not retouched photo.

Libération 45 is a 45 Denier Stocking that exactly reproduces the authentic Nylon Stockings brought to France from the USA in the Forties.?

Libération 45 is a graduated Stocking, knitted flat and then hand sewn with the famous Fully Fashioned back seam. The evenness of the stitch guarantees equal transparency along the leg and an incredible slimming effect from thigh to ankle. These Stockings, just as all of CERVIN Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings, are knitted on original Flat Knitting Machines: 600 needles are needed to knit the Welt, 12 needles for the point. About 1 hour is the time required to knit one Stocking.?

CERVIN is the unique Brand to produce a 45 Denier Fully Fashioned Seamed Stocking worldwide. These worldwide unique Stockings show a traditional craft finish manufacturing with the typical decreasing picots on the back of the leg and under-welt with open stitches, reciprocated reinforced point heel, and the famous Keyhole, that makes your Stockings so comfortable to wear, perfect place to fix your Suspender-Belt Strap.?

If you like?15 Denier Sheer Seamed Nylon Stockings?but you prefer opaque Stockings, or if you simply need warmer winter Stockings, you'll love Libération 45 Denier Fully Fashioned Seamed Nylon Stockings by Cervin Paris.

Cervin Paris Fully Fashioned Seam Nylon Stockings

Libération 45 Cervin Paris Seam Nylon Stockings

Cervin Paris Fully Fashioned Seamed Nylon Stockings