Lavender Lilac?RHT sheer Nylon Stockings, have you ever tried them on?

This tender?Cervin Capri 15 Denier?Nylon Stockings’ colour is my Summer 2016 discovery, perfect with my spring and summer Outfits and, most important,?transparent on my legs:?the colour actually melts with my skin tone!

Capri 15 Denier?are the original?sheer?seamless?100% Nylon?Stockings?by Cervin Paris?with?smooth top and invisible reciprocated reinforced heel and toe?RHT,?also available in?many other lovely sheer colours, to match with all your Styles.

Don’t miss?Cervin Capri 15 Lilac, this Stocking has become my favourite summer Nylon-companion!